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Leak-proof Lid 1925

This very new lid is used precisely to obtain a sealed application. It is fabricated in ABS with an overall dimension of 27 7/8 ’’ X 21 ¾ ’’. This lid will fit if used in combination with the 1824P and 2425P pits.

Installation instruction

  1. Use a 1 ½ ’’ pipe to install the pump; that pipe should exceed the rim of the pit by approximately 12 ’’.
  2. Fasten the lid on the pit by inserting the wires of the pump in the space provided for this purpose and insert the pipe of the pump in the opening marked pump.
  3. Fasten the lid with the screws provided that purpose.
  4. For an installation involving a vent pipe, perforate the surface with a screwdriver and put the 1 ½ ’’ pipe next to the vent pipe of the lid.
  5. Seal the pump wires with the rubber piece provided for this purpose. For improved waterproofing, use silicone around the openings.
  6. For a pit already installed in concrete, use screws designed for concrete taking care to perforate the surface with a cutting tool specific to concrete.

* This lid is designed to sustain the weight of pedestrians only..

Couvercle 1925 Alone
Couvercle1925  Fosse
Couvercle1925  Fosse2
Couvercle 1925 Revers